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Melbourne is heating up, and we’re getting ready by building our summer with some easy-breezy linen pieces from UNIQLO.

When we think of seasonal must-have essentials, it’s hard not to think of UNIQLO and all they have to offer. Usually it’s their winter must-haves that get us rushing through the doors (best puffer jackets and Heattech tees for sure go to UNIQLO), but now they’ve got us going linen crazy with their Summer Linen collection as a part of their ‘BUILD YOUR SUMMER’ Campaign.

It’s well known that linen is one of the most breathable of the naturally-woven fibres, so it’s no surprise that UNIQLO has brought out a range of summer-friendly cuts and items in this premium fabric. The full women’s range includes a variety of premium linen shirts (short sleeve and long), dresses, blouses, bottoms and outerwear. You can shop the full range at the end of this post.

Our go-to wardrobe essential for this summer in the city is the Linen shirt. I mean, who can (firstly) say ‘no’ to a new shirt? And then secondly, say ‘no’ to a shirt that is light-weight, breathable and perfect for the increasing summer heat. We’re loving the fact that our UNIQLO linen shirts can be styled up into our Twice Blessed effortless city-slicker outfits, as well as transition perfectly into a ‘throw-over-your-bikinis’ shirt. The UNIQLO Premium linen shirt is literally the ultimate shirt for your holiday season. Whether it be travelling interstate to a new city, or heading down the coast for some R&R, it can come with you anywhere.

If you’re not a fan of the white shirts, they have a massive range of colours and styles to suit everyone (even a cute little light blue number that Bec is wearing), and we’re seriously going to go back for more colours because they’re just so amazing. If you watch our Vlogs (link hereeeee if you don’t), you would have already seen that we’ve worn the shirts a couple of times (and counting) already.

The reason why linen is so amazing, and a fabric of choice for UNIQLO, is because how lightweight the fibres are. It’s a textile made out of the fibres from the flax plant, and in the past (think Outlander past) was used for undergarments such as chemises, lingerie and ‘under-shirts’ because of how lightweight and cool it was. Pretty cool, huh? (pun intended). Now that we’re in the 21st century, we like to wear our ‘undergarments’ out and actually make use of how breathable and cooling linen is in our outerwear!

Scroll below for the full looks and to build your summer essentials with UNIQLO.



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