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Laser Hair Removal ~ Review

Laser Hair Removal.. when we thought about it, we immediately thought of serious pain and discomfort. I mean.. how else are they supposed to kill your unwanted hair!? Thankfully for us (and every female who is sick of shaving their legs every 3.5 days during summer), Laser Clinics delivers almost pain-free laser hair removal treatments! When I say almost, I mean almost.. because naturally in the more sensitive areas you’re going to experience a bit of a zap and extra heat. But hey, the little bit of pain is 100% worth it when you think about never having to shave or wax again!! Huzzah!

I first popped in to Laser Clinics in December last year for a bit of hair-removal magic and have found the results to be fantastic so far. Being of European decent, both Marissa and I naturally have olive skin & darker hair follicles, so we made perfect candidates for laser hair removal, and we were told to expect results almost immediately because of our hair type and pigmentation- winning! I’ve had 4 treatments so far (treatments are usually between 4-6 weeks apart, and they recommend you need between 8-10 sessions all up), and barely need to shave in-between sessions, which for me, is ah-maaaa-zing!

Session times depends on the areas you get lasered; for us it takes between 15-25 minutes to complete legs, underarms & brazilian… which is pretty damn quick, and makes that pinch of pain worth it!

Laser Clinics has boutiques across Melbourne & weekly/ monthly specials!

xx TB