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Up until I started writing this post, I was positive that this year had flown by. However looking back on all our content, I’ve come to realise how long it has been and (more importantly), how much we have changed. I wouldn’t say it’s a dramatic change, but I’ve noticed how our style has evolved and our content has improved visually and conceptually. We pushed our own boundaries by creating different styles of content, channelling more effort into our Instagram mini-videos and Youtube channel as well as creating a well-rounded visual aesthetic which truely represents both Bec and myself. For us, 2017 was the year for growth. Creating better content, with more thought-out conceptual ideas, aligning ourselves with brands who truely represented us and elevating our brand by investing back into it!



The start of 2017 saw us named as the 2017 Alfa Romeo Portsea Polo Social Ambassadors, which was so exciting for us as it’s an event we’ve been attending for the past three years. A perfect summer day in the Mornington Peninsula filled with some of our favourite people, food and fun.



Something really unexpected that, looking back now, we were (and still are) able to experience is the friendships built with our photographers and team over the past year. This year has seen our team of photographers grow from our gal-pal Katie Fergus to four (and counting) different photographers that we shoot with on a regular basis. It’s such a blessing to be able to build strong relationships with the people you work with, because it makes work not even feel like work. You’re friends, and share similar passions and ideas, and you become an awesome team.

From top to bottom: Marten Ascenzo @martenascenzo, Wesley Tan @sophilosia, David Zhsu @davidzhsu, Katie Fergus @katie.fergus




This year was one where Bec and I really wanted to grow our brand portfolio and align ourselves with brands who not only elevated us, but also aligned with who we were. We were so very fortunate to work with luxury brands like My Theresa with two of their designer collaborations (GucciXmytheresa and MiuMiuXmytheresa), Burberry, Dior and two paid collaborations with Farfetch as a part of their #TheOne Campaign.



How could we speak about our favourite moments from this year and not include our International Fashion Week circuit? Bec and I really focussed this year on investing back into our business to enable us to grow our audience, and to create unique and better content. In September we travelled to London, Milan and Paris for Fashion week and were met with a whirlwind of events, runways and meetings. In Milan we collaborated with Italian fashion house Tods to be (two of four) Australian representatives of the brand at their Milan Runway show. Kendal Jenner walked the runway, and can I say, it was SUCH a runway to experience. What a top moment of 2017 for sure!



Okay, so this isn’t even fashion or Twice Blessed related, but it’s the top moment for us for 2017. Richmond Football Club winning the flipping Premiership!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How could you top this moment?! Bec and I devastatingly were in Paris for Fashion Week and couldn’t get back in time for the game, but got up at 4am to watch it live in a Paris bar. WORTH EVERY MINUTE.

Wishing everyone a blessed and happy start to 2018! Love you all xxx