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Nothing says ‘smart traveller’ like thinking ahead. Lucky for you, we’ve done the thinking for you and put together some pieces from Colette by Colette Hayman that we believe are essentials for your travels, especially if it’s for fashion week.

The Bowler Bag (aka. the Mary Poppins carry-it-all bag)

Okay, this is a travel essential for us for a reason you may not think. You’re probably assuming ‘Oh it’s a great carry-on piece for the aeroplane.’  Well although that is true, for us this counts as our extra suitcase for on the way home. If you’re like us, when you come to Europe or go anywhere overseas travelling you always come back with more kg’s on your butt as well as your luggage. And so enters the foldable ‘bowler bag’ from Colette. Fits in your suitcase on the way overseas, and coverts into a self-sufficient extra piece of luggage on the way home – what more could you want?! It’s also great if you have a home-base overseas and are taking day trips to other cities to covert into an overnight bag or if you’re like us (aka, a blogger) and are shooting a couple of outfits on the go and need a place to put them all in once you’re done. Winning!

The Chic Backpack 

Not just for pre-schoolers, the backpack is making a big comeback and is so chic, yet so practical at the same time. For us, if we’re shooting all day, one of us is carrying the bowler bag full of outfits and the other the backpack filled with our camera gear. It’s perfect to fit all your tech equipment, cords and lenses or if you’re sightseeing perfect to hold all of your days essentials.

The Everyday Fine Jewellery

You know when you want to wear jewellery, but something delicate and simple it’s almost like it’s not there? Welcome to the ‘everyday-barely-there-fine-jewellery.’ So delicate that you forget you’re even wearing anything it’s perfect for your daily trips throughout your travels and makes you feel fancy without making too much effort.

What are your favourite travel essentials? Comment down below!

xx TB (Sponsored by Colette by Colette Hayman)