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We’ve partnered up with international skincare brand SK-II to push the discussion that you are more than your age and the stigma surrounding age-related pressures. Around the world, millions of women feel pressured to achieve specific things by a certain age in order to avoid feeling like they have been left behind or not fulfilling expectations set by the world around us. Situations like getting a partner, or getting married, knowing your ‘purpose’, or owning their own business…the list really goes on.

This amazing campaign (that comes with a video – link here) aims to bring all of us women together, and remind us that we are not alone.

Something that Bec and I have struggled with in the past is the pressure to ‘have it all together’ or (in the social media world) the perception of having it all together, even at our tender age of 25. It’s a real slippery slope in today’s society to almost ‘one-up’ each other and to look like you’ve ‘made it’ more than the person next to you, especially at a younger age then them. Let’s be honest, it’s all smoke and mirrors. Just because someone on your Instagram feed half your age has the latest Gucci Marmont bag, does not mean you are less valuable then them, or that you’re less important, successful or wonderful as they are.

Yes, God accelerates some peoples journeys so that they may achieve certain milestones before you do (like getting married, or finding ‘the one’), but that doesn’t mean that you’re not special because your journey is different. We have to remember that like when a runner is in the starting blocks of a race they’re not looking to the right or to the left of them, they’re looking at the finishing line. They’re focussing on their journey, and what they need to do in order to make it to the finishing like. Similarly, when the gun finally does go off, you better be sure they’re not paying attention to anything the runners around them are doing. They are 100% focussed and fixated on their own journey, not focussing on everyone else. Now, the analogy fails here because they’re all competing with each other to get to the finishing line first (so we’ll just ignore that and pretend it was faux pas free), but the point is, it doesn’t matter what anyone else is doing, how outwardly successful they are, or what milestone they’ve achieved that you havn’t – it’s about your journey and your growth.

So, what’s the point of all this? It’s to know that you don’t have an expiry date. The video is so empowering because not only does it start a conversation about the pressures that so many women face, but it also reminds us that so many of us experience these pressures on a regular (if not daily) basis. It’s time for us to expose those lies and break the stigmas that society, our family or our friends place on us. We need to trust the journey we’re on and know that God has the perfect timing for all things, that we’re running our own race, and not anyone else’s, and that we don’t have an expiry date.

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xx Twice Blessed (Sponsored by SK-II #InPartnershipWithSkii)