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Travel Essentials with Sephora!

It’s finally here, SEPHORA is online and available for us Aussie customers! Woohoo. 

It was only a second ago that Luxola was keeping us Sephora lovers happy with a bounty of products and selections; and now they’ve joined forces with Sephora themselves to give every Aussie customer the biggest selection of Sephora goodies straight to your door!

When I was living in London last year, Sephora was my one-stop-shop for everything beauty and beyond. Yes, when you’re living on your own, earning minimum wage, Sephora isn’t the most cost-effective place to shop…not because the prices are too high, but because once you walk into a Sephora, you’ll want to walk out with everything. Many of times, that’s honestly what I did. But oh well, beauty is pain they say!

In our recent collab with (formerly in Aus) we’ve picked up some travel essentials before our trip away to Thailand at the end of the month! We all know when travelling you want to pack lightly but efficiently, so we couldn’t go wrong with these four picks: Head to Toe HydratorNude Eye Palette, 24hr Stay Liquid Eyeliner & Small Kabuki brush

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Shop below for more of our Travel Essentials from!

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