WARNING! Over the next couple of minutes, things are going to get a little personal.

[one_second]It’s always challenging in the social media world deciding how public or private you want your life to be. Let’s be honest, it’s not ever going to private (if you wanted that – don’t bother with social media, it ain’t for you), but we feel there needs to be a level of respect and boundaries for both us and our followers. There are some things that we decide not to share – maybe because we feel that it isn’t relevant to our page nor feel it would make a difference to any of our followers; but there are other things that we can’t quite keep to ourselves, even if we wanted to. I’m talking about our faith.

If you’re not interested in reading anything further about our Christian faith, or don’t like the idea of God, etc…here is the place to stop. BUT, we’d actually honestly love you to keep reading so you can get to know who we are a little more.

For those of you who do know us quite well, you would be aware that Bec and I were raised in a Christian (Pentecostal) family, and we have been attending church (Bridge Church, Melbourne) all our lives. In the grand scheme of things, that sounds pretty normal and like an easy ride through life, but in all honestly, it was much more challenging than anticipated.

Bec and I have been quite fortunate that from a very young age, we’ve had a strong knowing that God existed. Not just because we were ‘raised that way’, but because we really just knew He was there. Because of our confidence in our faith, we were never really ashamed or embarrassed to talk about our Church, our Youth Group or God in daily settings. Although this wouldn’t seem to create much controversy through our lives, it left us subject to countless years of bullying and torment from our peers, colleagues and even our school teachers (yes…school teachers!!!) One of our deepest regrets is conforming to peer pressure in High School in order to subdue the bullying. It was the easiest way out, and unfortunately, we we’re too naive and scared to know what else to do. Praise God for his sovereignty, as although battered and bruised, our faith could only get stronger from there.[/one_second][one_second]It wasn’t until the start of 2010 where we could really say that we knew our identity in Christ, and couldn’t give two-hoots what anyone else thought of that. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and choices, but this was ours, and we were ready to stand firm in it. Since then we could not begin to tell you the countless things God has done in our lives. We don’t have a relationship with God because of what He can do in our lives, but because He gives us purpose and joy. He gives us direction when we are lost, guidance when we are confused, love when we are broken and peace when our hearts are worried. Every day we see God move in our lives miraculously, pour out love endlessly and shape us into the best us we can be. When we started this Twice Blessed platform, it was never intended to be a place to hide our faith and keep it to ourselves, but somewhere where we could freely give, as we have been freely given. A place where the hurting can come and find love and joy; the self-doubters can come and see strength and confidence in who you are; and the lonely can come and find friendship and support. We want to let you know, that we are here for you.

We wont settle for being another ‘blogger’ with only our success as our agenda. All of this means nothing unless you are being impacted, feeling inspired and growing into greatness. If all of this faded away tomorrow, our biggest concern wouldn’t be ‘where will our income come from’, but rather…’who is going to be impacting those 85,000 people now?’ In all this, we are not saying we are the be-all-and-end-all, nor the most inspiring people on the planet; but everytime we meet a follower, or bump into someone on the streets, their conversations always come back to one thing, our faith and how we inspire you.

So, we want to know – how do we inspire you? What do you want us to do more of, or less of? We want to know your thoughts on us, so that we can impact you the best way possible.

xx TB [/one_second]


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