Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia 2018 is done and dusted for another year and let’s just say that we’re happy to be home!

It was a crazy couple of days, and not for the reasons you may think. This year, Bec and I were really intentional about protecting our mental capacity and managing our stress levels in the days and weeks leading up to our journey to Sydney. For the most part I think we did a really well and only managed to ‘crack-it’ once at each other (which I may add, is an all-time LOW).

Assisting us in this was our dedication to exercise in the weeks leading up to MBFWA as well as when we were actually in Sydney. This is something that we can correlate directly how we ended up feeling. My (Marissa) boyfriend is a Personal Trainer and he’s always cracking on about ‘how good you feel after you exercise’ and blah blah, but actually he’s totally right! Being intentional about fitting in at least two reformer pilates sessions and two personal training sessions per week really helped us to de-stress and clear our brains of all the ‘negative fog’ that quickly built up when planning a trip such as MBFWA!

Now, onto the good stuff…

We flew up to Sydney a few days early to catch our breath and squeeze in some extra work before the big dance of fashion week commenced. Being able to ‘pre-shoot’ the majority of our paid work for MBFWA was such a relief and something that really contributed to us feeling all-around less stressed this year. Instead of us working on brands conditions for our MBFWA collaborations, they worked on ours. We could have taken on more work and shot our paid content during the week, but we didn’t want to, and knew it was going to be something that would stress us out more. We’ve done it in the past and it’s crap for everyone involved. We are always disappointed with our content and knew we could have done better; so this year we organised ourselves more and did do better! Sometimes it’s more about knowing how you operate the best and working with that, not against it. It’s doesn’t necessarily matter what the brands opinions are at the end of the day because they’re paying you for your expertise, skill and professional opinion. We gave the brands we worked with a clear brief of what we were going to post, when and why – and they loved it! So it was a win-win!

Our first show of the week was the 15 year return of *one of our favourite Australian labels* Camilla and Marc. And WOW did they make a statement for the opening show of MBFWA! The show felt at least five notches above what Camilla and Marc usually produce and really felt like we were sitting in an International Fashion Week runway. In our eyes, they’ve definitely poised themselves for a great Australian domination into the European and US market! Looking forward to things to come from Camilla and Marc.



Our day 1 look consisted of some simple (in our books) outfits with a lot of pizzazz. Marissa wears: RtA Trench (via Shopbop), Evie and Anna Shirt, Ksubi Chlo Wasted Jeans, Topshop Heels, Storets Bumbag, Channel WOC and Jolie & Deen Earrings. Bec wears: Evie and Anna Blazer, Hexie Shirt, Evie and Anna Pants, Balenciaga Boots, Storets Bag, Cheap Thrills Sunglasses.


Day two brought some of our favourite looks out. In honesty, I think every day featured our favourite look as we really aimed to dress to our style, just elevated. I think we did a pretty good job, how about you? All our looks seemed really ‘Twice Blessed’ but also really ‘Fashion Week Twice Blessed’ if you know what I mean. Our first show of the day was none other than shirting-queen Anna Quan. For so long Bec and I have been big fans of her beautiful shirting and tailoring so were so lucky to be dressed in some of her pieces! Absolutely living for this burgundy trench! So, much, beauty! Such a shame we couldn’t steal them and wear forever, haha.



We were also lucky enough to head backstage for the Alice McCall show later that evening on behalf of MAC Cosmetics and Wella Hair to take a sneak preview at the hair and beauty trends for the runway.


Day 2 looks. Marissa wears: Anna Quan Trench, Anna Quan Shirt, Ksubi Chlo Wasted Jeans, Storets Bumbag, Isabel Marant Heels, Acne Studios Bag (via Shopbop), Cheap Thrills Sunglasses. Bec Wears: Anna Quan Blazer, Hexie Shirt, Agolde Jeans, Topshop Heels, Staud Bag (via Shopbop), Moschino Sunglasses (via Shopbop).



Day three was our favourite because it was the C/MEO Runway! One of our favourite brands that we get to work with here in Melbourne, and *fun fact* it was the first brand to ever gift us pieces! So there is a special place in our heart for C/MEO and the whole Australian Fashion Labels group (Finders Keepers, Keepsake, the Fifth and Jaggar). The show was a throwback to sixties mod with the styling pairing monochromatic tights with shoes (such a cute look) in addition to bold prints and striking silhouettes. You can read more about our C/MEO Runway experience with Bumble coming soon to their blog! But for the time being, you can check out our outfits below.



We also attended the Thurley Runway which was out of this world! So much white Greece outfit inspo ahead of our trip! Need 10 x everything thanks.


Marissa wears: C/MEO Bomber, Jonathan Simkai Shirt (via Shopbop), Ksubi Chlo Wasted Jeans, Senso Heels, Staud Bag (via Shopbop), Boohoo Sunglasses. Bec Wears: C/MEO Shirt, 3.1 Phillip Lim Skirt (via Shopbop), Topshop Heels, Cheap Thrills Sunglasses, Storets Bag.


The best part of attending awesome shows in Sydney is going to awesome restaurants afterwards. One of our favourite places to go during fashion week to eat is Buon Gusto Restaurant, which is literally across the road from Carriageworks. Has the best past and pizza and feels like you’re in a little Italian shop. Highly recommend, 10/10!

Last show of MBFWA for us was Acler! A brand that Bec and I are happy to spend our hard-earned coin on, because the quality is always fantastic and they have such an international trend-focussed collection. We were dressed by Acler and couldn’t have been happier with our outfits. Totally 100% forgot to take our camera into the show so don’t have any runway snaps! So sorry.

Marissa wears: Acler Dress (worn as shirt), Ksubi Chlo Wasted Jeans, Senso Heels, Salvo’s Bag, Boohoo Sunglasses. Bec wears: Acler Shirt, Trench (via Shopbop), Boohoo Bumbag, Agolde Jeans, Boohoo Heels, Moschino Sunglasses.


And that was it! Over and out for another year

xxxxx TB


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