Well our first New York Fashion Week experience is well and truely done, and now that the dust has settled we can give you the scoop on what really is one of the most ‘Hyped-Up’ fashion events around. That is not to say that it didn’t live up to all of our expectations – but I think we just made it more than what it really was.

If you’ve been lucky enough to go to a Fashion Week anywhere in the world, you would be glad to know that when it comes to the NYFW shows (although slightly larger and more elaborate), it’s all very much similar. Shows still run late, lines are massive and like VAMFF and MBFWA it’s blistering hot. To New Yorks defence, it was an unusually hot September – however the crowds of just onlookers, in addition to NYC traffic and general chaos made it somewhat overwhelming to focus and get around. Alongside that, before travelling to NYC we had absolutely no idea what to do in order to attend shows, events and who to contact. If you’re thinking of attending NYFW, here’s what we wish we knew:

  1. Do not apply through IMG for ‘Media Accreditation’
    • Unlike VAMFF or MBFWA, there is no need to apply or Media Accreditation for NYFW, because they’ll reject you anyway. We learnt the hard way – and also payed over $200 for it 😐
  2. Check on NYFW website for the Schedules of shows
    • There are multiple websites (nyfw.com, fashionweekonline.com/new-york/schedule) which show the times and sometimes the locations of the shows, if the location is TBC you may have to ask around where it is, or hopefully get invited to attend.
  3. Email the Brands/PR Agencies Directly
    • This is something we found out too late. We weren’t approved for NYFW, so when we arrived to NYC on the 6th of September, two days out from NYFW we were told to email the Brands directly to be invited. Grrr…you could imagine how annoying it was, and it meant that a lot of branda we’re not able to allocate us from the shows. But, if we had done it as soon as the Schedule was released the week prior, the opportunity to attend more shows would have been far better!
  4. Sign-up for Fashion GPS for bonus invites
    • The website is called GPS Radar, and if you sign-up there are a bunch of ‘Counsel Sponsored’ or ‘Open Events’ to Industry that weren’t lucky enough to get formal invitations to other shows. Attending is a great way of networking and meeting possible leads for invitations to future shows.
  5. Ask at the door for any fashion shows you weren’t invited to if there is any ‘Priority Standing’ spots available
    • Okay, this is slightly odd for us as we had the thought of imposing (and we didn’t actually do it at all at any shows), but some of the people I knew there did and got into amazing shows!!! Seriously, it just goes to show that asking never hurts. And plus, there are so many shows and events on at one time, a lot of Bloggers and Industry people can’t be everywhere at once!
  6. If you have a ‘Priority Standing’ ticket, find a seat and sit your butt down.
    • Now this was strange for us, as usually in Melbourne or Sydney Fashion Weeks, if the front or second row is empty, someone will pull you down to sit there. Not NYFW! If you see a spare seat, even if it’s in the front row – people just sit down there! Obviously its best to wait as long as possible before the event starts incase that person allocated in that seat comes, but you can score some seriously great seats by just being observant and hovering around an empty spot.

View some of our favourite NYC & NYFW Snaps below:

katiefergus_2017spring_nyfw_4789-copy photo-14-09-2016-10-52-53-amphoto-7-09-2016-11-24-10-am photo-8-09-2016-9-49-37-am photo-9-09-2016-4-38-41-pm

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photo-14-09-2016-12-35-07-pm aaa_1877


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