Through some of our recent blog posts, we’ve given you some insight into what our ‘typical’ day looks like. The reality is, there is no typical day in our lives, and they either look completely different from one another or blend into one big clump of days. Yay! Haha. But lets peel back another layer of ‘what Twice Blessed really do’ and show you another element of what we do on a daily basis.

Generally, we shoot at least once a week (or twice, depending on client requirements and deadlines), so this firstly requires a bit of planning and prepping. We style our outfits the night before, make sure everything is in the car and our camera is charged before we head to sleep. We usually shoot first thing in the morning, to avoid really harsh lighting and the crowds of people in the city (if you’ve been in Melbourne CBD – you’ll understand!)

On this day we decided to shoot in front of the iconic Chanel building off Collins Street! Isn’t it beautiful? This was our #MorningMoment – shooting and filming in Melbourne CBD with beautiful watches from Cluse.

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xx TB (Sponsored by Cluse)



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