Nothing says spring time like a flirty skirt. We know, it’s absolutely freezing in Melbourne, so you’re probably thinking – UM TWICE BLESSED, WHY ARE YOU WEARING BARE LEGS IN WINTER! Which is true, it was really cold when this was shot (*not visible, goosebumps from here to whoop-whoop). But we just are so excited for warmer weather, that these skirts from Revolve.com just had to make it into our wardrobes.

Now, if you’re lucky enough to be escaping the awful Melbourne winter and travelling to a warmer destination, then these skirts are per-fect for you! Bec and I are heading to London and Paris for Fashion Week in September, so are literally counting down the days to get to semi-warm weather. But if you actually think about it, in September it’ll probably be the same temperature here in Melbourne as it is in London *face-palm*. Nevertheless, we love bare legs, and a good flirty, flippy skirt to go with it. These ones are from ‘by the way‘ and Tularosa on Revolve.com and can we just say, are going to get a work-out once the weather improves.

However, if you’re a bad-ass and are happy to brave the cold on a night out for the sake of farshun (we salute you), then scroll below and check out some of our other faves from Revolve.com.



xx TB