It’s the beginning of the year, so what better time than now to start something new? This year, we’re bringing you a monthly Style Series, starting off with our favourite item of clothing, the Logo Tee.

Now if you’ve been following us for a while, that would surprise you at all that we love a good Logo Tee, but have heard your cries asking us to show you how to style them and where to buy the best ones. Coming to our Youtube channel this week is our #HowToStyle: Logo Tee video, which we will make sure to let you know of once it goes live. But here, we’re going to give you a little taste of how to style your favourite Logo Tee and where to get the best ones on the market!




These are our everyday outfits. Understandably, it’s not everyone’s, but I’m sure a lot of you could see yourselves wearing an outfit like this for Sunday brunch or for a casual day shopping. To style a Logo Tee in an everyday outfit we recommend playing with lengths. As we said before, we tend to wear a mini skirt with a logo tee (unless we are wearing heels like the previous sections), but for everyday running around, like to wear it with a long-line blazer to keep the outfit looking a little more modest and paired-back. Chuck on some fancy slides or sneakers and you’re good to go. Tailored chic!


Under $50



Okay so I didn’t really know what to call this section, because these are in between ‘Boss Lady’ outfits and event outfits. But they’re Twice Blessed TO A TEE. So they’re called the Blogger Tee’s, lol. Okay so these are the kind of outfits you could wear to a friends birthday, work (depending on how corporate your office is), events or Saturday night dinner. If you’re planning to style a Logo Tee in this way, it’s best to think of proportions and the silhouette you’re trying to create. As a Logo Tee is generally quite boxy and (depending on how oversized you liked your tee’s) can be unflattering if you’re pairing with oversized bottoms. Our suggestion would be to wear a tailored pant or skirt that skims or hugs the body to contrast with the boxiness of the tees. Again, style with your favourite over-the-top accessories and you’re a blogger in the making.


Under $100



We always go off the saying that if you’re showing off your legs, you cover up to your bust (and vice-versa). So our go-to for a night out (when we actually go out – lol, because we’re nana’s) is a Logo Tee and a mini skirt. Generally on a night out we want to be comfortable but also a little more flashy, so we’ve styled up our tees with silver and gold hardwear bags and some seriously flashy diamante booties. The best way to elevate any outfit is to accessories with one hardwear colour. If that’s gold, go all out and wear gold earrings, watch, hardwear bag and rings to realllyyy amp up your look.


Over $100

Hope you enjoyed! Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

xx TB


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