When you ask most people what phone they have, you’ll get one of two answers – iPhone or Samsung, and there really isn’t much else. Bec and I have been avid iPhone users ever since Nokia stopped being cool…and we really havn’t strayed away from it since. Mostly because of the user friendliness and compatibility to every app in the App Store and iTunes, but also because of the exceptional camera quality. When we were approached by Oppo mid last year, we were sceptical. Having been iPhone users for so long, how could something be better than it?

Luckily for everyone involved, we were blown away with the quality of the phone. In most other areas (functionality, user friendliness, etc) it ranked on-par to our iPhone’s – but what really enabled the Oppo to stand out was its amazing front and back camera. The Oppo R9 boasts a 16 Megapixel front camera and a 13 Megapixel back camera. Now – that makes for some seriously good photos, not to mention selfies!! If you’ve been following Bec and I for a while, you would know we’re not one for face selfies, but boy-oh-boy do we love an outfit selfie (**note – see above images). No longer do we have to compromise our High Resolution Instagram feed with pixellated iPhone quality images, but we can replace those with high quality, beautiful photos captured on our Oppo R9.

Other than our massive DSLR, this is the only phone we take our photo’s with – and the only thing we’ll be bringing on our overseas adventure!

xx TB (sponsored by Oppo)


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