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Another VAMFF done and dusted and that means time for our wrap-up of the week. This years VAMFF was probably our most crazy, yet relaxing years, if that even makes sense. Although we were fully-booked with a total of 6 shows and 4 events, running around like headless chooks picking up outfits, styling them and cramming in photoshoots & video shoots I feel like we managed the week really well. Usually during VAMFF, Bec and I end up being so overstressed and mentally frazzled that we feel like hollow shells of our former selves by the end of the week. But this year, we really put a strong emphasis on maintaining the integrity of our mental health. It’s really important to stop and realise that we are not super humans, and that (no matter what anybody says), we don’t have to do anything if we don’t want to. Of course, Bec and I always strive to go to all the important events and commitments, but have really put a focus on this year remembering that we also need to give ourselves a break, because one ‘Mental Health’ day in a month may avoid a month or two of burn-out.

These days, there is an unrealistic expectation for so many people that we have to work constantly. Let me just remind you that that is not true. We (and definitely others) have almost guilt-tripped us into thinking that ‘If we don’t show up, they’ll really notice, or I’ll let them down’. Now I’m not talking about not going to your best friends wedding, I’m talking about the FOMO style moments for us in the industry. At the end of the day, we are not performing brain surgery, and what we do, or if we go to an event or not is not going to change a SINGLE thing. So, give yourself some grace and allow yourself to rest and regenerate your energy when needed – otherwise you’ll end up like us after previous VAMFF’s huddled in a corner rocking ourselves back and forth like crazy people.

But HEY, we smashed it this year and we’re super proud of ourselves for looking after our mental health, as well as, creating some kick-ass content and looking fresh-to-death in our outfits. I know modesty is what we always speak about, but sometimes giving yourself a massive pat-on-the-back is necessary too – you know?

This year we were privileged enough to partner with the team at the iconic Mercedes-Benz as a part of their #MBStyle activation surrounding VAMFF. Not only did we get a stunning C200 to drive around for all of March (still got a week left…..but don’t want to give it back ever), we also were able to capture some amazing content with the pretty little car in the background and sit in some #FROW seats with the team. Check out our visual wrap up below.

Top: Heewan      Dress: Heewan      Bag: Farrah & Sloane      Jacket: Heewan      Top: Heewan      Skirt: Heewan      Bag: Farrah & Sloane


[one_second][/one_second][one_second][/one_second]Dress: Manning Cartell      Shoes: Valentino      Sunglasses: Bailey Nelson      Jacket: Manning Cartell      Top: Manning Cartell      Skirt: Manning Cartell      Belt: ASOS


[one_third][/one_third][one_third]Top: NEXT      Jacket: NEXT      Sunglasses: ASOS

Jacket: Balmain      Top: NEXT      Skirt: NEXT      Bag: NEXT      Shoes: Gianvito Rossi[/one_third][one_third][/one_third] [one_second][/one_second][one_second][/one_second]


Jacket: Camilla & Marc      Top: Camilla & Marc      Pants: Camilla & Marc      Shoes: Camilla & Marc      Bag: J.W.Anderson

Dress: Camilla & Marc      Shoes: Camilla & Marc      Bag: Gucci      Earrings: Shopbop



Top: By Johnny      Dress: By Johnny      Shoes: LouLou the Brand

Top: Classy Dud      Skirt: By Johnny      Shoes: LouLou the Brand      Sunglasses: Le Specs


xx TB


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