Expect people to continually dismiss your profession as a ‘real job’. 

From the outside in, the life of a full-time blogger seems glamorous, filled with free clothes and fancy trips and essentially a ‘big holiday’, but in reality that’s a far stretch. Bec and I love being completely transparent with you guys, so wanted to share some of our insights into being ‘full-time’ in the blogging world, and what it really looks like.







  • Okay, firstly – no one is going to say “no” to free clothes, right? We are very lucky that when brands want to collaborate, it most often means we get to keep the pieces. This is generally in exchange for our work, so essentially getting paid in clothes.


  • Building wonderful relationships in the Blogger Community. This I don’t think is spoken of very much, but Bec and I are so utterly blessed to be surrounded with beautiful girls who encourage, uplift and honestly want to see the best for us and our blog. There is a lot of talk of ‘cattiness’, etc, etc – but we’re very careful who we share our journey with and have honestly made life-long friends through Blogging!


  • Sharing your passions with your followers. We love the fact that our followers don’t just follow us for how we ‘look’ but they actually want to follow who we are as well. We can feel confident in sharing our thoughts, our heartache and faith to you guys because we know you love us for who we are. So thank-you! <3


  • Seeing your brand grow. I’m not just talking about Instagram followers, but actually seeing your brand develop and mature. Twice Blessed was very different when we started to what it is now, and it will constantly be changing and evolving. But seeing all your hard work pay off into an amazing collaboration, or hitting a milestone feels pretty ace.


  • Your work has no limits. Travel and work, stay home and work, have a baby and work! It’s great how flexible this job really is.


  • Getting paid to do what you love. This is one of the best perks of the job, actually getting paid to do it! Bec and I never started Twice Blessed to get paid, but we’re pleasantly surprised when we found out that payment for our work would be possible.[/one_third][two_third]

harbour-38[/two_third][two_third]harbour-35[/two_third][one_third]THE BAD

  • People don’t take you seriously. This is probably the worst thing about this job, and it comes with lack of information of the industry. We always get the ‘Oh your job is soo easy!’ or that our hard work and skills aren’t valid enough in the ‘real world’. In truth, expect people to continually dismiss your profession as a ‘real job’. It sucks, but the best thing to do is kick-butt and not worry about what anyone else thinks.


  • Getting changed in a cramped car/Shooting in the blistering sun/rain/freezing weather. Essentially, it sucks.


  • Never having an ‘Off’ button. Social Media never stops, and the emails never stop – so we guilt ourselves into thinking that we should never stop. It’s great not working a 9-5 job, but then it sucks because we never have annual leave, or sick days, and are expected to be on-it 24/7!


  • Blogger Politics. It’s silly to say, but there is a hierarchy (just like sitting on the Met Steps little J). And sometimes it sucks. [/one_third] [one_second]

harbour-3[/one_second][one_second] harbour-28


  • It’s really hard work. The outcome of our work may look all pretty and manicured, but getting to that point is much harder than it looks. Hours shooting, editing, and writing goes into every Blog Post and Instagram image.


  • Emails…so many emails.


  • Going to events. This is a love-hate relationship for Bec and I. We love being there and chatting to everyone, but it’s the effort getting there which sometimes sucks.


  • Fashion Week/Spring Racing Week. Again, so much fun attending these events, but really exhausting when you’re there every day for a week in full make-up, hair, high heels, etc![/one_second]


With all this said, at the end of the day, Bec and I wouldn’t change an absolute thing. We are so blessed to be able to be blogging full-time and sharing our hearts with all our amazing followers. We love you all so much xx


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