How to create your perfect Fragrance Wardrobe

We’ve built a collection of fragrances over the years, which we now like to call our little Fragrance Wardrobe. But what is a fragrance wardrobe you ask? It’s a collection of scents paired with your outfits to suit your mood or look for the day.

Building your fragrance wardrobe isn’t too dissimilar to building your clothing or footwear wardrobe. You start with the basics; the foundation; or in other words, your signature scent. From there, you start building your wardrobe (nee scents) to match your lifestyle.

We have our day-time versus night-time scents. Scents which are more moody, and ones that are more bubbly and fun. Some scents which scream ‘I’M AT WORK – PLEASE LISTEN TO ME’, and others which subtly convey the softer side of our personalities.

Our fragrance wardrobe is something that has taken time for us to build, and as we’ve matured we’ve been able to curate one that showcases the fullness of our personalities and lifestyles. Shop below some of our favourite scents, and let us know in the comments what fragrances are in your fragrance wardrobe.

x Marissa – Twice Blessed


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