Your daily ‘uniform’ is so much more than what you put on your body. For us it’s the way we hold ourselves, the way we act, respond and react more than just how ‘cool’ we look in our latest #OOTD.

25 She is clothed with strength and dignity,
and she laughs without fear of the future.

Proverbs 31:25 (NLT)

Sometimes it’s hard to find your dressing uniform because you don’t know who you truely are. Sometimes you just have to ‘fake it til you make it’ and dress your exterior how you want to be feeling on the inside. There is no judgement here, both Bec and I have been there and are still challenged daily about what we choose to put on our bodies, and how that affects our attitudes and feelings. Our question to you today is, what if that was the other way around? What if your attitudes, feelings and identity shaped the way you dressed? For some people it truely is.

Have you ever noticed those people that not matter what they’re wearing, they always look super chic, confident and 100% boss? Or on the complete other end of the spectrum where it’s clear that some people have no idea who they are, so try and dress themselves to impress others (but really are doing themselves no favours)? Both Bec and I have been on both ends of that spectrum, but as we’ve matured in our age as well as our faith and identity, we now know that it’s not what’s on the outside that counts, but what’s going on on the inside that really matters.

Are we saying that wearing nice clothes and having fun with your outfits are wrong? NO way! Quite the opposite actually, we’re saying that the clothes you wear should be an outwardly expression of who you are, a tool that compliments your personality and showcases who you are. Not something that masks or creates your identity. Because if all your clothes/make-up/etc was taken away tomorrow, who would you be? It’s like the old saying that “the clothes don’t make the man” but it’s actually YOU who make the clothes.

For us, daily dressing has become a simple thing – because we’ve built our wardrobe on a foundation of who we are. Key pieces that symbolically represent our personality, heart and characteristics. Maybe it’s just us who like to personify inanimate objects, but it really help us understand how the items of clothing we were wearing speaks volumes about who we are as people.

A BLAZER & TAILORED PIECES to us symbolises strength, composure, integrity and authority. Something that both Bec and I have learnt along the years are key pillars to our personalities and characteristics. A blazer, for us represents those things and reflects our personality well – sometimes even when we’re not feeling like it. Because feelings are fleeting, they’re here today and gone tomorrow – and they shouldn’t shape who you are.

OVERSIZED + BELLOWY PIECES to us symbolise and represent our approachable, comfortable and relaxed nature. Being easy-going and down to earth are key factors in who we are and how we act. There have been countless times when our followers have approached us because they felt comfortable to. That is the biggest blessing, and the best part of any day that we have. We love that our followers feel we are approachable, and easy going – because we are! We love people and we love our followers to the moon-and-back and we feel our ‘uniform’ reflects that.

TONAL ACCESSORIES + BOLD HARDWARE show us that we have an attention to detail and an eye for co-ordination and *possibly* a little OCD when it comes to matching and making things perfect. It says that we hold value and importance in the little things, sometimes the things that no one else notices – but to us, make a world of difference. The little things that make you, YOU – sometimes others, and even you don’t value them, but they make up who you are and bring all of you together.

By, Twice Blessed



  1. August 30, 2019 / 9:45 pm

    Love this concept – that your uniform is not made up of clothes but values and mantras you wish to express. I buy clothes that I like with little regard for what they represent or the impression they give off, but now Iā€™m going to really think about how they express my beliefs!

    • Bec Marissa
      October 15, 2019 / 10:02 am

      Thats so exciting to hear! Love your thought process too šŸ˜€

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