If you’re a luxury shopper, a luxury dreamer (ie – dream of purchasing luxury items, or scrolling on online stores for days, but can never commit on spending those big dollas on designer goods), or somewhere in-between, then you absolutely 100% need to visit Bicester Village when you’re next in London.

Bicester Village is a luxury shopping destination that’s home to some of the most well known global luxury brands, with up to 60% off the retail prices. Brands like Gucci, Coach, Dior, Givenchy (the list really goes on) are a fraction of the regular prices you would find in store or online. Most of the items are relatively new season (with a couple of exceptions), but you’re very likely to find something still on trend, and heavily discounted. For us, that’s like double, triple and quadruple win!

Our first visit to Bicester Village was this time last year when we were in London. In all honesty, we really had no idea what to expect and were pretty new to the whole ‘Luxury’ game. Coming back again this year, we knew 100% what to expect, and had a better appreciation of the brands available there. We promised ourselves that we wouldn’t buy any bags or shoes….and guess what we bought?? BAGS AND SHOES. Lord have mercy! We also bought two really cool pieces that we’re holding off to show you until Fashun Week’s roll around, because some things have to be kept a secret. But I can tell you now that they’re all in the same colour pattern, pink and red. At least you know we’re true to our word, and when we say we’re LOVING a colour for the season, we really mean it.

The only drawback to Bicester Village (if you want to see it that way), is that you don’t know what is available in store until you get there and they’re constantly bringing new items out throughout the day. So, although you may miss the one-off amazing piece that came in yesterday and sold out then and there, it has a dash of excitement and thrill to finding some amazing pieces.

If you’re staying in London, Bicester is a 50 minute train ride from Marylebone Station to Oxford. We suggest popping aside either a full day (if you can manage) or at minimum a half day. There are over 130 boutiques (and a tonne more being added with their new expansion), so you’ll want to spend as much time as possible looking around.

For an example of prices, we bought these (below) Giorgio Armani heels for $360AUD and their retail price was $695! Don’t expect massively, disgustingly reduced prices (like at a warehouse sale), because that’s not what you’re going to get. But you’re definitely going to get around 60% off the RRP.

We also picked up this gorgeous Gucci metallic pink bag (pink theme going strong here), for $1,032AUD. I’m fairly sure it’s sold out everywhere because I can’t even find it online for you guys. So, that’s a pretty good indication of the type of items at Bicester!

We can’t wait to show you more of what we bought in the coming weeks, make sure to follow us along on Instagram at Youtube to see!

xx TB (sponsored via gift cards by Bicester Village)


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