katiefergus_20161214_twiceblessed_457[/two_third][one_third]katiefergus_20161214_twiceblessed_475If you’re anything like us, the desire to buy luxury pieces is only growing. Whether that’s due to your increased salary, your age (and desire for higher quality goods) or simply because you just love being fancy, we understand. BUT if you’re only beginning your luxury obsession and are scared to take that first step, we have some advice for you – don’t rush it!

My first luxury purchase was only a year ago when I bought the Givenchy Pandora Cross Body bag. I remember almost dying when it processed my $700 payment and couldn’t believe I had just spent that much money on a bag!! I have to say it was one of my best purchases, and it makes any day or night outfit just that little bit cooler.[/one_third][one_second] katiefergus_20161214_twiceblessed_465[/one_second][one_second]katiefergus_20161214_twiceblessed_445[/one_second]




When buying luxury items it’s great to start with a brand that you love. If you can’t commit to the big purchase (like a Saint Laurent bag), maybe start out at their entry level products, such as their card holders (at around $300!) That way, you can get a feel for the brand, the quality and wear before you take the plunge into a spendier purchase.

Try before you buy. Unfortunately for us Aussies, this can’t always happen as we don’t have as much access to luxury goods in stores where you can touch and feel the products before you buy them. However, there are definitely ways to suss out as much information as possible about a product before you buy. Google, research, watch YouTube reviews, or ask you’re friends who may have it – do as much as you can to understand what you’re spending your money on before you click ‘Pay’.

Plan ahead. Going overseas soon? There is a possibility that your favourite luxury piece may be cheaper overseas than here in Aus (or wherever you are!) In the UK & Europe, any non-citizens can claim 20% VAT Tax back from purchases made in the country. I recently purchased my Gucci Dionysis in London (after researching the price difference in several countries) and found out that it was not only about $500 cheaper than if I purchased it in Australia, but, I also received 20% VAT Tax back. Essentially…saving me money (women logic). But seriously, if you’re planning a trip already, save some extra cash and purchase your item there as it may save you some extra coin!

Go with classic, not ‘on-trend’. Okay, so I know that I havn’t stuck to this rule by buying my Gucci slippers (but they’re so awesome, so whatever), BUT please, please think about the longevity of your purchase. Is it a seasonal piece, or can you wear it all year around? Will it match with a lot of your wardrobe, or it is limiting? Unless you have an endless bank account (which if you do, I’d like to be your friend), stick to a classic colour pattern and a timeless piece that you’ll always want to be reaching for.

Think smart when buying online. Does your new purchase come with express shipping or import duties included? In Australia, many of those ‘hidden’ fees aren’t included in the price of the product so do your research! Luisa Via Roma is becoming one of our favourite sites to use as not only does it include all Import Duties & Fees (huzzah!) but it also has Free (FREE) Express Shipping to Aus. Winning!



This month, we’ve partnered up with Luisa Via Roma to bring you our top luxury pieces to get your collection going. Which one is your favourite?


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