Generally for us, a ‘work day’ never looks the same as the next. With our industry, whilst there are many routine tasks like editing images, answering emails and cleaning your office (like 1,000,000 times per week), most of our work is ad-hock things that come up day-by-day or week-by-week. If you watch our Weekly Vlogs on Youtube, which by-the-way if you’re not – you should 😀 you’d be able to see how different our weeks can really be. Some weeks are really fun and filled with events and glitz & glamour, but most really are crammed full of client meetings, styling photoshoots, events, writing content, taking content and everything in between. So, what does a ‘normal’ day look like for us? Let’s use our Thursday last week as an example.

10:30AM- PT at Ferwood Fittness

11:30AM – Brunch at Collective Espresso for sponsored collaboration. We shoot some content with the food, the coffee and finally get to eat – lol. While we’re there we also plan and brainstorm the upcoming VAMFF week, what content we want to shoot and what we’ll be wearing.

12:30PM – Head to Teds Camera shop to get a new tripod and equipment for our filming.

1PM – Home and straight onto emails for me (Marissa) while Bec takes some interior content.

3PM – Schedule and plan our Social Media clients Instagram pages for the next two weeks. We currently manage 5 brands social media platforms, so have to create content, plan and schedule it fortnightly.

4:30PM – Final check-through of emails before the “official” day ends.

5PM – 7PM – Usually take a break around here to chill out and eat dinner with our family.

7:30PM – Plan our shoot for the next day. We’re shooting a video for NEXT Official for VAMFF so we need to make sure everything is ready. Style, iron and pack our clothes, make sure all the camera gear is charged and ready to go. We’re also shooting at the Highline after for our clients, so need to pack a suitcase of all our shooting content.

9:30PM – Answer any emails we’ve received throughout the remainder of the evening that are pressing and can’t wait until the next day.

10:30PM – BED TIME! The best time of the day 😀

As I mentioned, all our days look really different – and the above is just an example of what we like to call a ‘mediumly busy day’ in the life of Twice Blessed. Sometimes we have completely chill days, other days (and it feels like they come in week chunks) we are non-stop working!

xx TB


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