CELEBRATE! and Miu Miu have collaborated on an exclusive Capsule collection for SS17 and have created one of the most fun and quirky fashion films we’ve seen. It’s called „SHARK“ and essentially plays on the fact that a girl is terrified of swimming in a pool because her boyfriend got eaten by a shark and now she thinks that she will too every time she enters a body of water (including a pool)! Hilarious because when Bec and I were younger, that was our fear, and low-key still kinda is, lol (irrational and ridiculous, we know). The other character in the film has always wanted to be a synchronised swimmer, so, that’s where the cool synchronised dance comes in.

Watch the video here to see what we mean…

Anyway, Bec and I decided to do something fun and dorky with the outfits we created from the exclusive collection. Let us know what you think? We also filmed something cool and quirky too, so stay tuned because it’s coming soon!

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