Ahh London, by far one of our favourite places in the world. It’s really the city that never stops, the city of possibilities the the city where literally thousands of Aussies flock every day! Read through for our LONDON GUIDE: FT. THE PILGRM HOTEL.

One of our favourite places to stay in the city is literally the heart of London! It’s firstly the most convenient for us as most PR offices and brands are around the Central area of the City but it also means that we can get our step-count up and walk around everywhere! It’s probably our favourite thing about travelling, getting to walk around and see the city up close.

A great spot in London where you’re *far out enough* to feel like it’s a seperate borough, but also close enough that you can have a wonderful 20minute walk would be Paddington. We stayed at The Pilgrm Hotel in Paddington, a boutique hotel in the heart of London and loved it.

Now, there would be no surprises that Bec and I are a sucker for aesthetics – so there are no surprises that we loved our stay at The Pilgrm.

We will have to admit that the rooms were smaller than we had expected, however that being said we were in London for Fashion Week and had 80+kg of luggage to unpack. It’s the kind of hotel we would definitely recommend you stay in for a couple of nights, or if you’re travelling into London for the evening – absolutely perfect!

We can’t wait to get back to London and stay here. The hardwood floors, the attention to detail, and the customer service! Ah – divine!

xx TB

*complimentary and discounted stay provided by The Pilgrm



  1. E
    June 5, 2020 / 8:52 am

    Love this! Travelled to London last year and fell in love with the city. Didn’t manage to see Paddington I don’t think. Love you guys. God bless

    • Bec Marissa
      July 20, 2020 / 12:57 pm

      Thanks so much lovely! London is such a spectacular city. Cannot wait to visit again!
      God Bless and stay safe

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